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The Two-Year Marriage Contract Weekend Workshop

The Two-Year Marriage Contract – Weekend Workshop
– by Colle and Phyllis Davis

The Two-Year Marriage Contract Workshop has been enhancing relationships with intensive-weekend workshops for twenty-five years across the United States with Phyllis and Colle Davis. 

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Creating a Two-Year Marriage Contract offers a simple formula that identifies and explores the seven vital elements of marriage that shift and change every two years in most marriages and relationships worldwide, despite variations in culture, socioeconomic factors, racial differences, or religious preferences. Every couple’s relationship is shaped by their own cultural influences.



Fair Fighting

Family & Friends

Routines & Habits

Living Arrangements

Social Expectations

  • Marriage is an opportunity for a couple to experience happiness and satisfaction, but their plans may change over time. The Two-Year Marriage Contract is a simple tool designed for couples to look at their plans every two years and agree upon any adjustments to their goals.Are you married? In a relationship? Separated? Considering divorce? Thinking about getting married? Join us a for a weekend in Richmond, Virginia, and learn how to renew your relationship forever by creating your own Two-Year Marriage Contract.
  • Marriage is an opportunity for a couple to experience happiness and satisfaction, but their plans may change over time. The Two-Year Marriage Contract is a simple tool designed for couples to look at their plans every two years and agree upon any adjustments to their goals.
  • Conversely, by avoiding these discussions or by failing to reach agreements in these seven vital areas, a couple will experience animosity and breakdowns. The Two-Year Marriage Contract offers a solution to avoid misunderstandings and stress in a couple’s relationship.


Better Sex?

More Money and No Debt?

The Home of Your Dreams?

A Great Social Life?

Friends in Your Marriage?

Ways to Fight Fairly?


In this busy world, it’s easy to drift apart. DON’T LET THAT HAPPEN TO YOU!

bubble couple2Colle and Phyllis Davis are the authors of the workshop The Two-Year Marriage Contract written in 1996. The Davis’ have continued to teach this workshop for couples in small groups for the past 25 years.

After twenty-five years of research and development with thousands of couples across the country, Colle and Phyllis Davis offer their program for couples to create their own Two-Year Marriage Contract, a formalized social document that allows a couple to discuss, negotiate, design, review and then sign an agreement they have created that is based on seven areas of their relationship that will eventually be reviewed, updated and re-signed again in two years.

The skills needed to develop a Two-Year Marriage Contract do NOT ask a couple to go back and drag out their past disappointments that have happened in their marriage. They will look at their relationship as it is now, and make a plan for their future – together, as a team, two years at a time.

Most couples don’t need therapy, they need education! Even if a couple that has separated due to infidelity or an extramarital affair has an opportunity to sort out their underlying issues if they both seek reconciliation.

What is the Two-Year Marriage Contract and how does it work?

  • The Two-Year Marriage Contract offers a revolutionary system for renewing seven areas of a relationship every two years: sex, money, family and friends, fair fighting, routines and habits, living arrangements and social expectations.
  • A couple creates a set of simple agreements based on these seven areas to live by for the next two years with plans to renegotiate their Two-Year Marriage Contract in the privacy of their home every two years to accommodate the ever-changing needs of their relationship so the couple’s relationship will endure forever – two years at a time.  

The Two-Year Marriage Contract can act as a supplement to an existing and legally sanctioned marriage license, or it can simply be what it is, a Two-Year Marriage Contract, to help any couple create the optimal environment for their relationship at any stage of their lives together.

With the proper tools outlined in A Two-Year Marriage Contract, a couple can also repair a deep chasm between them if they’re currently struggling to rekindle their romantic love for one another. They can also restore their confidence in love, and create a workable relationship that will last a lifetime and increase their own lifespan in the process.

Creating a Two-Year Marriage Contract works for most couples. Even if they have the world’s best marriage, they will find new ways to make plans for creating new excitement and passion in their relationship.

bubble couple3

If a marriage has hit a ‘flat spot,’ or if a couple is feeling disconnected from each other, creating a Two-Year Marriage Contract will help reignite their spark again over a weekend. When they are finished with the process, they will fill out an agreement, a love pact between them, that will be their bridge to a better marriage for the next two years. “Only two years?” Well, forever, but only two years at a time. Things change. That’s why Two-Year Marriage Contract is a two-year agreement that can be periodically reviewed and renewed.

“We were married when we were 21. Our parents told us we were too young, so my mom and dad gave us an early copy of Two-Year Marriage Contract when we left for our honeymoon. We looked at it and thought it might be cool to do. So, we started reading it to see if it could help us get off to a good start. We learned a lot, and we know each other a lot better than we did. We signed our Two-Year Marriage Contract when we came back, and we’ll do it again in two years. We’re really happy.”

– Monica and Jason M., Houston, Texas

“After 22 years of marriage, we thought we knew each other. Friends of ours had spent a weekend workshop with Phyllis and Colle and said how much they learned about each other that they didn’t know. We thought we’d go through their new book and we learned that there was a lot we didn’t know – that had changed for both of us over the years. It added so much energy to our lives. It’s like we fell in love again.”

– Clint and Rosemary F., Detroit, Michigan

“We met and married late in life. I was a widow and Brandon had divorced years ago. We were fairly set in our ways, and thought we’d take the Davis’ workshop we heard about at our church and WOW, we were surprised how many things we had never even thought of, even at our age, that we just didn’t know. We’re working to make sure we make the most of every day together. We were in love before, and now,we have new tools that teach us how to stay in love.”
– Dorothy and Brandon C., Los Angeles, California


  • You and your significant other will learn how to ‘refresh and renew’ your marriage – EVERY TWO YEARS
  • You will be able to ‘renegotiate’ and then ‘renegotiate” your Two-Year Marriage Contract with greater ease in two years because you’ll have an entirely new vocabulary and skill set to use.
  • You’ll be putting life, energy and cha-cha-cha back in your marriage because you’ll SEE new areas to work together for creating your dreams.
  • You’ll learn ways to make NEW friends and invite them into your life instead of spending Saturday nights alone.
  • Two-Year Marriage Contract offers skills and behaviors for negotiating for what the two of you want (at least for two years) so you can each have what you want in the relationship.



This workshop and its ideas are the author’s opinions only. Their ideas set forth are not to create or be considered a legal document. Even upon signing TheTwo-Year Marriage Contract, this document is only a social contract between the signers and does not indicate the signers are entitled to hold any legal privileges. Furthermore, the signers are not legally bound to uphold their agreements even after signing. If the signers want to create a legal document prepared by either an attorney, CPA or an other professional from the materials developed in this book, they are free to do so and hold authors harmless from any repercussions therein.
The content presented in this workshop do not guarantee a relationship will survive after the readers complete the process of signing their own Two-Year Marriage Contract. Nor does it promise a broken relationship will heal and find joy. This workshop is meant only for education and entertainment purposes.