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American Business Etiquette Certification Training

American Business Etiquette Certification Training


woman computerBecome Certified as an Etiquette Expert in American Business within American Business Etiquette Trainers Association (ABETA)

ABETA’s online training is taught within companies within the US and in seventy-one countries for the past thirty years.

Read about the many profit centers available for your American Business Etiquette Certification. 

Projected Fees for Training and Speaking for Etiquette Experts in 2018

This training if offered by Concept to Licensing LLC on the Classmarker platform. It is a self-paced and easy to understand course. It has been time-tested and continually updated for changing trends related to customs and technology.


This training is ideal for consultants to build a home-based business as a speaker, writer, trainer, coach and to market globally.

Think GLOBALLY as an Etiquette Expert and make money by offering trainings in real-time with personalized online trainings with easy-to-use ‘eyeball cameras’ that sit conveniently on top of your computer monitor. Train for companies, call centers, meetings and conferences ALL OVER THE WORLD. Sell your training services in the United States or GLOBALLY!

After your certification training, you’ll receive all the 21-module teaching curriculum in a convenient Word .doc format!

ONLINE TRAINING: American Business Etiquette Trainers Association (ABETA) provides the curriculum from our 21 Module Train-the-Trainer Syllabus through an online self-paced training format along with questions to be completed by the participant in a simple open book quiz format. This process continues throughout the 21 sections/chapters of the modules.

The fee for this ‘online training’ is $3,000 to be paid before training begins. This PayPal button offers the option of paying with your PayPal account or major credit cards. The amount of certification is $3,000.00.

At the satisfactory conclusion of the training(s) and testing, a Certificate of Completion Diploma from American Business Etiquette Trainers Association (ABETA) is issued to the participant. This agreement offers legal access to the copyrighted materials and curriculum to use the Intellectual Property fully for their own purposes to train, speak, use as the basis to write and publish articles, create audio or videotapes on the topics, create podcasts for profit, write articles for publication, etc. The re-use of the materials can create a personal income for the participant, or the participant can reuse them for no fee. After the training fee, no further fees are ever paid to American Business Etiquette Trainers Association (ABETA) or to Phyllis Davis.

ENROLL in American Business Etiquette Trainers Association Online Certification Training. Fee US$3,000.00. Once your payment has cleared, we will provide you with the login information to begin your training.

Most participants complete the training by devoting one hour per day for one week to ten days. After you complete the training satisfactorily, you will receive a formal diploma of graduation from American Business Etiquette Trainers Association by mail. This training is available for in-house trainers within companies as well as free-lance trainers interested in building a consulting, coaching and speaking practice anywhere in the world. After 40 years of developing our fine-tuned training modules, the information has been continually modified to adhere to corporate scrutiny and evaluations. We continue to update and revise our topics as changes enter the marketplace such as issues related to texting, Twitter, cellphone etiquette, social media, less-formal business introductions, meeting etiquette, and multi-generational issues arise in the workplace.

Would you like to Receive Top Fees for Speaking and Training?

Your ABETA certification puts you in the position of being a recognized expert to become a global resource for the media (television, radio and print) as an etiquette expert. It also puts you in front of key executives, top-level people in management positions, and those who want to better themselves for success.

ENROLL in American Business Etiquette Trainers Association Online Certification Training. Fee US$3,000.00. Once your payment has cleared, we will provide you with the login information to begin your training.

What measurable results can a company expect by offering etiquette training to their employees?

  • Reduced levels of stress and higher levels of communication
  • Increased skills for developing ironclad levels of rapport with potential customers as well as with their existing client base. And, a higher “close rate” of turning prospects into loyal customers
  • The skills to neutralize embarrassing or awkward moments in person or on the phone
  • Enhanced corporate culture and employee loyalty
  • A higher level of customer loyalty
  • Improved retention of top talent
  • Reduced turnover and absenteeism
  • Increased workplace morale and higher levels of productivity
  • Higher levels of self-confidence in the workplace with co-workers and customers
  • Lower incidents related to diversity insensitivity regarding gender, ageism, ethnicity, religion, disability and sexual orientation.
  • And many other key issues that reduce or resolve specific workplace and behavioral issues.

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Call Phyllis Davis, Founder and Director of American Business Etiquette Trainers Association, today for more information to see if becoming an etiquette expert is the right direction for you! 800-906-0256 (EST)
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