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About Us

Colle Davis

Phyllis Davis

Colle and Phyllis Davis are entrepreneurs in several areas. They are inventors, widely published authors, consultants (e.g. companies, the arts and in relationships), and they are also business owners.

For more detailed information about the Davis’ backgrounds and education, please visit their websites.’ 

The Davis’ live on their ranch, ‘Jelly Side Up Farms’ nestled deep in a forest only minutes away from downtown Richmond, Virginia.

They live in a large mysterious 70-year old church they’ve converted to become their home. They share their home with their two Caviler King Charles Spaniels, Scarlet and Kalli. They also share their lives with wild deer, hawks, squirrels, large red-headed woodpeckers, owls and songbirds.  There are many active workshops, a barn, two art studios, and private offices on the property.

As believers in self-sufficiency, they raise much of their own food and grow flowers for their pleasure and enjoyment. Currently, they are building a large greenhouse to install two of their Portable Farms Aquaponics Systems. They also grow seasonally in above-ground beds using the hügelkultur gardening method in two large box frames.